Pre- filled in label in table

Hi, I want my students to enter a number in a table such as 5, but then I would like to have a label already in that cell to say “degress C”. I only want them to input a number so that I can use that number in my Computation Layer for self checkng.

You can have `degrees C" already in the cell using:

suffix: "degrees C"
#if you get an error message
errorMessage: ""

To use the number in computation layer, name your input and access your variable using:


Use ${yourInputName.script.yourVariableName} if being used in a calculation or string.

how do I specify which cells the suffix appears in?

If you’re using an input, it only appears in the input where you put the CL.

If you’re using a table, you need to use the cell coordinates:

cellSuffix(1,2): "degrees C"
cellSuffix(2,2): "degrees C"

A little different to access from a table, but same rules for use of ${ }: