Latex Equation to Graph (possibly super easy question)

Hihi! Thanks for any help you can give me.

I want to have students input an equation in an expression box on screen 11. The equation they input should look like: pic1

But then on screen 12, I want to have this equation graphed. But since it isn’t written in normal function f(x)=blah notation, I don’t know how to get it graphed. This is what I tried. I put a random function f(x)=x^2 in the graph on screen 12, knowing it would be overwritten by CL. Then I tried doing this in the CL for the graph on screen 12:

But it won’t graph. And I suspect that’s because it isn’t written in regular function notation, but rather in a more complicated way.

I guess my question is:

Is there an easy way to have kids write submit equation (that isn’t of the simple form f(x)=blah or y=blah) and have it graph it on the next screen?

Thanks for any help!

There isn’t a good way to graph implicit functions right now. There are a few methods that have been deprecated but that are very brittle

ahhh, thank you! i would have spent ages on this. i figured it would either be a simple thing or something terribly hard. although i’m sad it’s terribly hard, i’m glad to know!

Has there been any progress here?

I want a student to type in 2x+3y>6 in an input box and then see the inequality on the graph. Seems to be the same question as above.


That’s an interesting question!

  1. Addressing progress, yes we can now graph equations: Try It!

  2. This unfortunately requires an equation so it still won’t work on the inequality you posted.

However, if you take a look at activities like point collector, you can see we have a workaround for it: