Graphing inequalities from student input without going full screen

From All my searching I have figured out a solution to this. I can graph lines but not inequalities like 3x + 2y < 7. Is there a way without going full screen graphing Calculator?

Here’s an example. It will also handle vertical and horizontal cases.
In the graph CL:

#Student input
#isStrict is false then "...or equal to..."
number(`n`): when ineq.isStrict 1 otherwise 0 
function(`f`): ineq.differenceFunction("x","y")

In the graph:

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Saddly I can’t get that to work

Slide 2:

As always you are the man!!! the copy paste wasn’t working right. LOL

Crap. It works for 1 ineq but it won’t let me define ineq in two places. I want to have 3 ineqs

Ok figured it out. now I just have to change the color LOL