Linking time to submit

I would like students be able to click a button repeatedly, for some specified amount of time (say 60sec). Then in a table I would like recorded the number of clicks at some specified interval (say 10sec). I would want to end up with the order pair (clicks, time). I could then produce plots of the data for students to discuss the “story” of the plot, decreasing rate or steady pace, etc. I have seen activities counting clicks and making histograms, but not any that pair clicks and time in this fashion…is it possible? thank you in advance for any help.

This thread may have some insights. @cwinske seems to be pretty skillful with time related problems.

I don’t have this as detailed as what you’re asking, but this is a 5 second timer that makes a graph. You can modify it to fit your needs.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me! I am excited to figure out the CL associated with this activity! Thanks again for your help and time.