Lists & Numbers in Graphs & CL

I know how to do variables with subscripts in graphs and CL.
But, how do I reference lists in CL?
If I have a list named X, how could I reference the whole list in CL?
Also, how do I reference the 3rd item in the list in CL?

numbers and number lists an be referenced the same way:
you can reference an item in a list as a number:
number(“X[3]” would be the third item in list X.

I can’t sort this out. Please lend me a clue.

I’m trying to retrieve element 1 from graph list G_n to stuff it into a table. I tried many variations of these:


Now I’ve also tried the following which has errors on both lines (sorry)

numberList("M"): GalleryGraph.numberList("M")
cellContent(2,2): number(“M[1]”)

I’m not sure if that way of referring to elements in a list has been phased out since Jay’s post (I can’t get that method to work either), but if you use BuildingGraph.numberList(`G_n`).elementAt(1), this should do the trick.

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Since a number is neither latex nor text, I believe you need to include the backticks or quotes respectively, and surround the code with ${ }:

initialCellContent(2,1): `${BuildingGraph.number("G_{n}[1]")}`
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Pretty sure it hasn’t. I use it often for correctness checking tables.

Thanks - maybe I was just encountering the same issue as you suggested, not wrapping the whole thing in quotes/backticks.