Printing List of Numbers

My apologies if it’s been asked before but is it possible to print a list of numbers from the graph using CL?

In other words, if I have a list in a graphing calculator component: l=[1,2,3,etc]

Is it possible for me in the CL layer to print that list in a note somewhere?

I have a dynamic raw data list that students are working with and I have a list that is storing the mode (s) from that raw data list, both of which I’d like to be able to print as a student generates new questions.

At best you can access the list an element at a time, so for L=[1,2,3,…] you’d need something like:

content: "L=[${graph.number(`L[1]`)}, ${graph.number(`L[2]`)}...]"

Not fun even for a known length list.

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Do you think you could use the graph to display the numbers? If the list is large-ish, it might be the better option. This thread shows some examples.