Marbleslides correctness

Is there a way to create conditional content in Slide 2 that depends on whether a student got the Marbleslide question correct in Slide 1?

Marbleslides have no sources or sinks.

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Yeah, sorry. No CL for marbleslides.

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Okay. It would be great to have just this one CL, because I’m noticing kids doing the work correctly but forgetting to click “launch”. Maybe they got it wrong one time, then fixed the answer, but never clicked “launch” a second time. So they show up on my dashboard with an X for that screen, but they actually did the work right. I want to prompt them on the next screen that they’re work on the marbleslide is still marked wrong, and they should go back and click “launch” .

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you could put a note in the marbleslide reminding then to click launch, but other than that there is not much you can do.

try this marbleslide activity with your students and tell me what you think

Any thoughts of putting in a correct source for marble slides? Would help me!

I’d love to just be able to get a press count for the launch.