Student creates Marbleslides

I’m wondering what idea people have about student created marbleslides. I know marbleslides don’t have sinks or sources (yet?) so I doubt they can be used in a challenge creator sort of set up. Yes?

The best I have so far is to just have some sort of “worksheet” where the kids tell me where they wan the stars, the ball launch, and obstacles. Then I go make them in AB. Is there a better workflow?

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If you type a complete sink that works in another component, the warning tells you what sinks are valid. Marbleslides have exportNumber and exportString, but what they do, not a clue.

For challenge creator, you could maybe link a regular Desmos graph as a template for students to edit, and submit their saved link. That way you can import the graph to a marbleslide in an AB. You’d still need to manually enter (or copy/paste) the ball and stars, but at least they’d be on the same screen.

Maybe something like this?

I used the folders so you could quickly delete anything you wanted.