Marking correctness of graphs and points

I am working on the CL layers of this activity. I need help with the ideas on screens 5-8 (same idea on each screen).
I would like to mark for the students and for the teacher dashboard the correctness of the graph the students make as well as their intercepts and end behavior. I think I can figure out the intercepts and end behavior, but I have never done anything like the graphs before. Any insight?

Hi, I took a look, and I may be mistaken but it seems like you were able to figure out how to do it. Did you still need help with this?

@Amy_Summers_lphs Yes, you can check correctness of the graph. Look at screen 6, which I copied and edited from screen 5. I used a difference of functions check for the graph. Also made some small changes in the other components in case you want to see a little different style. [Copy of] Unit 6 Day 4 Homework Introduction to Graphing Polynomials • Activity Builder by Desmos

I think I was able to figure it out after much trial and error.
Thanks for checking!

Hi Andy,
Thanks for working on this. The biggest trouble I had was in checking if the leading coefficient on the equation was positive or negative (the blue dot I had on slide 5). Do you have a suggestion on how you would do that?

Yeah, I left that out, not realizing you wanted to do multiple problems with different leading coefficients. I put that back in on screen 6, and the correct check is working for the graph.