Media Component

I currently use feedback for math responses. I was wondering if there was a way that I could provide video feedback (media component) for my students. For example, if they answered the question correctly, they would just receive the “Good job!” text and could move on to the next question. If they answered the question incorrectly, I want it to take them to a media component to watch how to answer the problem. I do not want the students to see the media component if they answered it correctly. Can this be done? Please help! :slight_smile:

Sure, you just want to hide the

  • media until it’s incorrect and they’ve submitted their answer
  • success message until it’s correct and they’ve submitted their answer

to do that you’ll use the hidden keyword. like this: media component • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thank you so much! I figured it was the hidden sink but I couldn’t figure out the code. I got it! Thank you again! :slight_smile: