Movable Points on Graph

I want to create a graph that has 2 movable points. The student needs to move the points so the slope is 3/5 and the slope is -4. Then I want demos to tell me that they did it correctly by giving me a checkmark or an x on the teacher summary page. How do I create a slide that will do this?

Here’s the way to check that the slope is 3/5. I’m not sure whether the other condition was supposed to be the slope as well. Slope checker • Activity Builder by Desmos

I assume she meant the y-intercept is -4. If you change line 8 and 9 in the graph to this:


This will check for the slope and the y-intercept.

I took Serge’s slide and tried to put in Daniel’s code but if I put the y-int at -4 it says it is correct no matter where I put the second point.

Sorry. Put the intercept part in curly braces instead of separated by a comma:
c_{orrect}={m=3/5 {f(0)=-4}:1,0}