Check for correctness for graphing 4 movable points using y=5x

I am trying to make a graph where if students plot any whole number point on y = 5x, it will be marked as correct. I would like this to work for 4 movable point on the graph Can anyone help me?

How is this? You’ll want this in your graph CL to get a dashboard check:

correct: this.number(`C_{orrect1}`)=0 

Change the 1 to 2 if using the second method


Daniel! I have been digging more into lists and conditionals in the calculator, and this is such a great example of how to GREATLY simplify these sorts of checks in the CL.

I WAS writing ridiculous compound logic statements. Instead, using your example, it could just be the single line you wrote!

Thank you!

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With equation or expression checking, this is an excellent method. You do have to be careful when there is the possibility of undefined answers, where you’ll either want to restrict the domains, or I also figured out a method to check for those undefined values and ignore them. I don’t remember how I did it, and may have to hunt or experiment a little to find it.