Moveable Points and Conditionals

Hello Desmos CL Forum,

I want to use a moveable point on the condition that {W=0}, but as soon as I add the condition, the point becomes fixed. I want the line of best fit on screen 2 to disappear when the final button is clicked and replaced with the ray with open point at x=1.

Richard Punches

Are you referring to line 36?
Points can only be movable when the expression consists only of a point, or is an assignment of a point to a variable. Using sliders for your coordinates, putting the condition inside the parentheses, and changing the style to default should unlock drag.

Thanks Jay. You statement about putting conditions inside the (x,y) parentheses helped. I did have to do a little magic to determine which point was actually graphed at the note I wanted excluded. Anyway, thanks. It works exactly as I hoped.