Movable point disappears with dynamic graph bounds

Is there a way to make movable points to appear on a graph with dynamic bounds?
In this activity, the graph bounds (slide 4) change dynamically with the table values (slide 3). The movable points on the graph disappear when graph bounds are farther from the initial location of the points. Here is a link to the activity

Thank you

Can you be more specific about which slide you are asking about?

I haver attached the activity as a link. below The movable points are in the slide 4.

You can make variables for coordinates (a1, b1, a2, b2, etc) dependent on your bounds. Make sets of sliders set to 0 (x1, y1, x2, etc).
Then, you can make points that are moveable, but will start dependent on your bounds:

A=(a1+x1, b1+y1)
B=(a2+x2, b2+y2)

Thank you so much! That was a simple way to fix it. I set a1 to the average of the x bounds and b1 to average of y bounds. Then added it to the movable points. Now the points are appearing.

Much appreciate your help.