Moveable points/CL

Using CL, I would like for a student to enter a number into a table and for that many move-able points pop up. I know how to create points using a list, but the points are static (in CL). I know how to create move-able points with in a table (not CL) .

If you use individual points and a conditional (i.e. ≤number in table) It will show the number of points you want but I can see this getting out of hand for a large number of points. I’m certain the pros have a better solution :grin:

I think this is essentially what @Jay suggested, but maybe the graph will be more clear…

It’s not super pretty, but I think this is the cleanest way we have of accomplishing this right now.

You would populate N in the graph using something like:

number("N"): table.cellNumbericValue(1,1)