Table Feedback for Moveable Point

I’m stuck and can’t figure out the CL to have the Table check the moveable points to be in the correct location. Here’s a screenshot:

Basically, I want students to move the points on the graph to the given coordinates. Then after clicking “Check my work”, it will let them know if each coordinate is correct (or not).
•I have it all set up, just can’t figure out how to make the table’s 2nd column to match the points when they are moved.
Here’s the activity:

Thanks for the help!

In the graph, I added a check for each point in their folder, (A_C, B_C, C_C, D_C) which evaluates to 1 if each coordinate is correct, otherwise 0. Then, in the table CL, changed your isCorrect. (If you don’t copy this, you missed the capital C in your conditional statement using isCorrect1).

Perfect! Thank you!
Good catch on the capital letter inthe “isCorrect” too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was hoping to see the CL in the example you shared here, but when I click on the activity link it says “Activity not found.” Is there a way to revive this? I’d really appreciate it! I am looking to use the same idea to check that students graphed the points correctly. Thank you!

Sorry, a lot of activities to manage and regularly clean them out.
Here’s a screenshot of a way to do that. An answer key list, a list of the points the student moves, a list of the differences between the coordinates, and then a total of the absolute values. So when C_heck=0, it’s correct.

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Here to go- it’s screen 3 in this activity.

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Thank you both so much! I appreciate your quick response on a WEEKEND! :slight_smile:

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Wait, is there a way on the next screen to keep the names of each point in tact, as well? I’m using some of the same ideas that Munmath has on slides 3 & 4 that were shared. So like on slide 4, show the previous points plotted along with each of their names (A, B, etc)?

•For the screen in question, I used the following cl:

background: graphLayer(previoius.calculatorState)

Not sure how to make it also copy the point labels. It only copies the polygon created when the 4 points are moved.
•Other suggestions? @cwinske @Daniel_Grubbs @Jay

I haven’t had time to test this out, but would labelText work? Here is an example in the documentation.

It looks like graph sinks work in a sketch now, so you could have points, A-D, in your sketch graph with slider coordinates (or maybe a list for less CL code). Then, you can just label them in graph.

How’s this?

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Perfect! Thank you so much!!

This is exactly what I needed today, thank you! :pray: