Multiple Choice Click Before answer code


I am trying to make a jeopardy style desmos!

I have the game on my PowerPoint already ready, but I want students to show their work and have the answer be graded, but I am stuck on the CL

I want students to click for example: “Product Property” and “100” to mark the first cell (1,1)
If product property and 100 are click I want the answer to be 3^4 (3^{4})

Is there a way that ONLY if you click Product property and 100 first you can get the check?

I would from here copy the same slide and change it for the next answer (if they do Product property for 200 then the answer is something else and so on and so on…)\

You guys rock! Thank you for all the support this year :slight_smile:

Could you hide the answer box and sketch area until they choose Product Property and 100?

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good idea! THANK YOU :slight_smile: