Freeze answers in a test

maybe my question has an easy answer, but I’m a beginner user of CL Desmos…
I’d like to create a multiple-choice quiz, where students submit their answers and, after pressing a button, they cannot modify their submission. I tried this solution

which allows students to review their answers after submission. I’ve some trouble in slide 5, where I used checkbox. In fact, if a student selects two or more options, only the first one is written. How can I modify the script, so that all the selected options are shown? Thank you

How’s this? It does leave a “blank line” for un-selected answers, but it seemed like the easiest fix.

Now… I need to figure out how to change my default desmos language back to English because I seem to have inadvertently changed it to Spanish… :flushed: :astonished:

Thank you. It works!

PS. I’m Italian :wink:

HAHA… shows how confused I was! :joy: :rofl: :rofl: Sorry!