Multiple Stone vertically shooted animation

I want to simulate 100 stones thrown at different velocities vertically upwards . since they are thrown at different velocities they will reach different heights.
While moving upwards it will go against gravity (h=ut-1/2gt^)and while coming down it comes due to gravity(h=1/2g(t-tver)^2)
How to assign two equations to a variable
and how to do it for Multiple stones.
Kindly see the Excel VBA animation i have done in the youtube link below

I am trying to do it in Desmos. I am struck at the above questions.
Can some one kindly help me

Isn’t it just h=-1/2 gt^2 + vt ? It’s a quadratic equation. You don’t need a second formula.

Here’s something I came up with. Tried getting different colors without success, but I think there still might be a solution.