Can anybody Help with this activity

You’ll have to be more specific.

I am trying to create an activity, and desmo’s team designed the activity that was sent to me to help me. On the second slide, in the first table, I am supposed to enter 2 points, the second table is to calculate the difference and the third slide is to use the calculations and check the parametric equations I don’t have experience with coding and I need help.

This one looks like an example of how to enter and check expressions and equations, and how to use info from previous screens.

When I begin to plan for an activity, I gather the equations and answers I’ll need, then figure out how I want the students to progress through the work, thinking about what info needs to be on which screens. I make the screens, then I work with the CL to handle the checks.

What do you have in mind for your activity? Please include more details about the problems you’re using and how you want the students to progress through the work.

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Students are asked to input coordinates of 3 points P1( x,y,z) P2( x,y,z) P3(x,y,z)
and using those points to calculate the scalar equation of the plane Ax+By+Cz+D=0

You’re not going to be able to access 3D coordinates. Your table would need to have separate cells for x, y, and z.

have that

Here’s how I’d handle all the calculations in a graph (you can paste the link into an expression line in the graph to copy the whole thing).

You’ll want to replace the values in lists A, B, and C with variables (say a_x, a_y, a_z, etc.), then define those in the graph CL. You’ll also need to define function f, from the student scalar equation

number(`a_x`): yourTableName.cellNumericValue(1,1)
number(`a_y`): yourTableName.cellNumericValue(1,2)
function(`f`): parseEquation(yourTableName.cellContent(row,column)).differenceFunction("x","y","z")

would it be easier if I send you the actual activity that I am working on?

It’s always more helpful to see what’s already done.

Honestly, I’m not experienced writing parametric and scalar equations. The calculations I did in the other was just after looking up how to write a scalar equation from 3 given points, so I’m not sure how to help you because I don’t really follow the use of s and t, and don’t have time at the moment to look into it.

thank you for your time and consideration and honesty!

Stay safe, stay healthy!

It looks like you’ve got everything calculating correctly, so which screen are you trying to fix?

Thank you Susan

slide 8 Scalar equation to use is for slide 10. I think we need to use matrices.

I would like to improve on slides 10, 11,12 (slides with teacher’s move)

I had those matrix calculations in the Equation folder of the link I posted before. You just need to use a hidden graph.

thank you,

so when I paste the link, I am not sure how can I verify the equation do I need to write something in CL

updated activity,
I transferred the equations into a graph for calculations (slide 8) but I do not know how to check the equations

I’m still not sure about the nomenclature for the vectors, so I couldn’t walk through it to check everything. You’ll have to test that. On slide 8, I’ve added CL in the graph (now “KEY”), table10, and table11.

thank you so much looks great, table 10 is not accepting the equation, It’s fine I can remove feedback

can you help me with slide 10? I would like to ask students to input 1/2 of the x value (depth of the box) for both points D and E, for y-value to use information from slide 9, and finally calculate the z-value using the scalar equation of the plane

and to calculate the vector equation DE

Slide 11 and 12