Multiplying table cell values

@Daniel_Grubbs Hey, Daniel: wondering if you could help with this. I’m creating a Powerball probability activity in which the students calculate the expected value of a ticket. On my screen #10, I can’t get the values from column 2 to multiply by column 3 and populate in column 4. Can you help with this slide?

You can’t just evaluate directly, unfortunately - you need to use numericValue or similar.

For example,

exV1 = numericValue(`${this.cellContent(1,2)}*${this.cellContent(1,3)}`)

(you also see I’ve wrapped the variables in ${ }, otherwise it won’t recognise them).

Finally, for the cellContent itself, you have to also wrap this in a string/latex too:

cellContent(1,4): "${exV1}"

All should work correctly with those changes.

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Works great now. Thanks so much!