Cell Correctness (variables)

I’ve been trying to figure out how to provide student feedback if three cells are multiplied to result in the correct product (Since there is more than one answer)
Example: Multiplying Exponents • Activity Builder by Desmos

I need to leave here in a sec or I’d make a sample for you. You’ll need to use numericValue or simpleFunction to determine the correct value to compare. You can insert student cell values into your calculations by referencing them wrapped in ${ }.

I don’t think patterns would be too helpful here. I’d create simpleFunction’s of the student product and target product, then compare a number of evaluations of each.

Thanks so much. Originally I messed up the simplefunction by not putting the a,b and c like you did:
productF = simpleFunction(expProd,a,b,c)

So if there were 4 variables in the product expression (eg 12abcd), I just would add a d to the line above?

Correct. You need to specify all variables used in your simpleFunction. If you do not, the default is “x”.