New sinks for table cells!


We just added a few sinks for tables that you might find useful.

cellSuffix: shows a suffix on the right side of a cell. Only shows up when the student focuses into the cell, or when the cell has content. Recommended if you ever want students to enter a unitted number (“ft”) or a percent ("%"). Let us know if you find other uses!

cellErrorMessage: shows an error with a tooltip to the student. Recommended if you’re trying to parse their work but can’t. Note: this sink is different from the “warning” sink, which shows an error to the teacher. This is just student-facing.


Would be awesome to have a way to delete content in all cells with the click of the action button or delete button.


One more new sink available for table cells!

cellDisableEvaluation: disables the default evaluation on table cells of math type. For example, if you want students to type a fraction into the first cell of the first row without seeing the decimal evaluation you could use

cellDisableEvaluation(1,1): true

to disable the evaluation in that cell and not show the decimal.


Is the same sink available for expressions input?


Yes, by a different name: disableEvaluation