Not needing students to response in Free Response Questions before submitting maths responses


I would like to ask if there is a way for students NOT to interact with a free responses question/input in order to answer a maths responses qns.

This came up because I wanted to give the student an option to either writing his workings on a sketchpad or upload his workings through image (which can only be done through free responses input)

But if he chose to sketch it out. He would not need to upload images through free responses input.

At the end of the workings, is a maths responses for him to key in the value for x.

So I cant get it to work in a way where student can key in value of x without first interacting with the free response input.

Any workarounds?


Could you do something like this? Where they have to choose whether it’s a sketch or upload photo, and then you just use the hidden sink on the sketch component or free response component to hide/show the appropriate thing for the student to show their working?

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