Teacher Dashboard Check with a Hidden Free Response

I have set up an activity where students have to explain to me how they answered a problem incorrectly, only if they answered it incorrectly. So, I have the free response hidden if they answer the problem correctly. How can I get my teacher dashboard to show the check or x? I tried having a readOnly: true but I canโ€™t have hidden and readOnly sinks in the same free response component. I hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:

Any time there is a free response on a screen, you will get the dot if everything is correct. Think of the dot meaning a teacher needs to look at this. I did see someone on here use a single cell table instead of a free response. Tables can be marked readOnly.

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Thank you! I ended up assigning students the activity even though I was not getting a check mark in my dashboard. I found that the dashboard would display an โ€œxโ€ if they entered the answer incorrectly. So, the dot means it is correct and the โ€œxโ€ means it is wrong.