Note display timeSincePress capture upon Choice click

I feel like I should be able to do this, but for whatever reason I am at a loss after scouring this site.

I would like for a Note to display the current value of a Button.timeSincePress once a student selects from a Choice component (no need to submit, just when they click a choice). The button only gets pressed once and then disappears.

It should be a numeric output (since we often use timeSincePress>0), so shouldn’t ${Button.timeSincePress} work?

Sorry, I think “by current value” I was unintentionally unspecific.

I know that I have to use that, however that will grab the time while ever-changing as the time since the press does. I would like to click the Choice component to grab the current, static value of the timeSincePress.

I can get this in the Button using Capture and lastValue, but I like to have the Button disappear after it is clicked once as a sort of “I am ready” button. Therefore, it is only ever clicked once so all I can grab is the “lastValue” of 0 seconds. :neutral_face:

Here is what I am looking for: Sample • Activity Builder by Desmos. Can the Choice somehow capture a new value for timeSincePress?

I think capture is the only way to grab a changing value.

OK, I wanted for it to be a quick “select a Choice component choice” to capture the time, but I will instead resort to selecting a Choice then clicking the button again to capture the time.

Thanks anyway!

I don’t know how long your choices are. You could use a bunch of buttons in place of the MC, but I don’t know if they’ll display nicely.