Open Middle Questions on Activity Builder with CL


Just tried building an open middle problem through AB / CL: Open Middle Two-step Equations • Activity Builder by Desmos .

I’m wondering how CL can add value to this (or other) open middle questions.

What are your thoughts?

Here’s v2 with a table that tracks student attempts: Open Middle Two-step Equations v2 • Activity Builder by Desmos

I like the table. Desmos does make it more possible to include all of the voices in the class. That adds value.

It would be good to have a companion whiteboard or VNPS so students can see their work. Seeing work might lead to an aha.

I also wonder if you start with everyone making a random equation it might be worth some time to notice a variety of results and then launch into the seeking the greatest.

Absolutely right re: student voice.

Just writing out my thoughts here… I wonder if there’s any benefit prior to Ss moving numbers, to have them move two cards: “Highest value” and “lowest value” (see attached image). I think that would help with Ss planning but then I wonder if that creates an (unnecessary) barrier for Ss who need those concrete numbers.

I wonder if the general is a worthwhile follow up. Would the position of the highest/lowest be different if the set if 5,6,7,8,9 as opposed to 1-5? What if the values were negative? Unit fractions? I wonder.

I was playing with using the large font labels for the moving digit cards. It gives an opportunity for students to pick the digits. Lots of polish needed but is an open with students picking digits helpful?

Wow! That raises the ceiling by quite a bit without raising the floor. I like it.

I think it should be possible to aggregate students’ best “scores” and display it as a “Class Best.” While it could increase competition, I’m concerned that that may unnecessarily raise the anxiety level for an activity like this… Do you see that happening in your classes as well?