Ordered list with images

Hi - does anyone know of a way to use images in an ordered list rather than just text/maths? I am trying to work out if there is a way to move a paper based activity to Desmos that involved ordered the steps in a decision algorithm. The paper based cards were images of the network at each stage.

I feel like it could be done with a graphing component if the ordered list can’t be used … but I can’t quite work out how!

Any inspiration would be fabulous - thank you!


A workaround might be to use a card sort, and have cards that indicate step 1, step 2, etc. that need to be match to the cards in the correct order.

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This can be done by associating the image location coordinates with numbers in the list.

But… before going down that road, I’d recommend taking a step back and thinking of a different way of implementing the activity. I find that sometimes the paper nature of activities we’ve used in class can create a mental block to better ways of doing things online.

If you don’t mind sharing the paper activity itself, it could help.

Something like this? Sort some images • Activity Builder by Desmos


Hi - thank you, that is a great solution (though now I want to replace the activity with ordering super heros!). This is an image of the paper based task, it may be better as something else but I am interested in understanding the example so I will have a go at getting it into the same format as the Sort some images activity.