Multi-Slect Feedback-- adaptation of card sort check

I’m struggling with adapting the method for checking a card sort (wavy line) to checking a multi select. No problem with getting the card sort check working- that was really nice.

Here is the activity, slide 11 is the check.

That animation is old-school cool! I’ll have to borrow that for future activities.

It looked like slide 7 was the one you wanted fixed and you had most of the hard work done. I think I changed two lines of code. You just needed to call on the correctness check that you created on the previous slide.

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Also, just wanted to make sure you knew-- that old school cool animation was from someone at Desmos. I agree, it is very neato burrito! Again, thanks. I used your fixes and provide some more visuals to help the kids who are working asynchronously. Going to use it tomorrow! Many of my kids are doing the lessons as soon as I post them and then we talk about them in a Zoom meeting later in the day when their class normally meets. So many thank yous from them-- they really appreciate the Desmos activities. Have to say, the situation is bringing out much gratitude from my students-- makes me tear up, repeatedly.

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