Pasta Circles- Michael Fenton

I’m wondering if anyone has built an AB using Pasta Circle as a starting point? I’m thinking this would be a development/consolidation lesson for area of a circle.

Nope, but found this site with images and resources.

Yea. That’s what inspired me. Thoughts about how to roll it out?

Asynchronous, I think this is difficult if you’re trying to use that 3-Act style, mainly because of the open ended questions. If students are actually on at the same time, it’s more feasible because you’ve got control over pacing and can work in on-the-fly questions.

The measurement of an inch square might be difficult to work to get student spaghetti counts to be valid, but you could give a premade square with a drag point (maybe even randomize the initial position). You could use his example images to get the size of the square correct in relation to the radius. Students wouldn’t be able to measure the radius, but you could use a two points that makes a line segment that autocalculates it’s length (keeping in mind the side of your square is 1 unit).

Just spitballing.

I like those ideas. Here is a first go.

Looks pretty good. On Slide 7, you might want to try to make a square where you move the corner. The center point obscures the picture. I’d also make the square orange or something. The black is hard to see.

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