Plain text inside math text

I’ve had a look around and can’t find anything. I’m trying to add some plain text to a fraction and my knowledge of latex would indicate I do the following:

\frac{\text{some text}\times\text{some text}}{\text{more text}}

When I try to display this in a note its just blank. Is there a way to do this or am I just missing something?

Go into the graphing calculator. Type what you need, then copy it from there and, in the note, open a math text by typing a backtick (`) and then paste the text from the graphing calculator

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Neat. Looks like you can accomplish the same thing without the graphing calculator.

Just start math text (the backtick or the sqrt symbol), then type / to start a fraction.

@StoyanNYC do you know if \textup{} just doesn’t work at all? It doesn’t seem to.

I’ve never tried to use \textup{} since the graphing calculator allows for quick rendering of latex. In addition, it is good to use the graphing calculator because you can get an idea whether something is being recognized in the way you want to for the purposes of calculation.