Latex in content sink?

Is there a way to use latex to display math type in a content sink. (see screen shots).


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Totally. Put backticks around the math and double up on all of your backslashes

Could you show me an example?

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Got it!
Thank you Jay!

For your example, `x^2-6x+8` and `-\\frac{b}{2a}`should work.

Not sure if you can copy/paste this since I added some extra \ to escape the formatting in this window.

The most foolproof way to make it work is to:

  1. go into the graphing calculator and type in the expression you want.
  2. Copy the line and paste it into your script.
  3. Wherever you see a \ add another one (i.e. turn \frac{}{} into \frac{}{})
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Someone know how to enter \hbar, so, the quantum constant? Is it possible to use units? like cm, eV, kg…