Latex in content sink?

Is there a way to use latex to display math type in a content sink. (see screen shots).


Thank you,

Totally. Put backticks around the math and double up on all of your backslashes

Could you show me an example?

Got it!
Thank you Jay!

For your example, `x^2-6x+8` and `-\\frac{b}{2a}`should work.

Not sure if you can copy/paste this since I added some extra \ to escape the formatting in this window.

The most foolproof way to make it work is to:

  1. go into the graphing calculator and type in the expression you want.
  2. Copy the line and paste it into your script.
  3. Wherever you see a \ add another one (i.e. turn \frac{}{} into \frac{}{})