Problem with sinking a conditional function with a compound inequality

I had an activity that was working fine, and now is broken. To graph an inequality on a number line, I am sinking in this code to f:

function(f): simpleFunction("\left\{x<4:1,0\right\}")

In the graph I have:

y = 0 {f(x)=1}

And this works like I expect. But as soon as I change the sink to use a compound inequality:

function(f): simpleFunction("\left\{2<x<4:1,0\right\}")

the activity breaks in a way that I’ve never seen before. When I try to preview the activity It gives me a blank frozen screen. When I exit out and try to come back in to edit, it gives the message “Argument to expression constructor must be an Array.” and a button to return to the activity page. It makes it so I can’t even edit the activity any more.

Is there something that changed? Here is the original activity I made, which used to work just a couple weeks ago, and now everything from screen 9 and up does not work. Domain and Range Templates • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thanks Daniel, We’ll take a look

Looks like it’s working again. Thanks!