Graphing inequalities using simpleFunction

I’m trying to use simpleFunction to graph an inequality range that was given as an input by students. It appears there is no way to get things like vertical lines or inequalities to graph using simpleFunction. Is that a current limitation or is there a better way to do this?
I have an example of what I’ve tried on slide 1 of this activity

Found an answer to my question in slide 9 of the absolute value activity from Desmos.
I used this and then had y=g(x) setup as a function in the graph:
function("g"): simpleFunction("g\\left(x\\right)=\\left\\{${input9.latex}:.4,\ 10\\right\\}")

Yeah - that’s probably the best move right now. We are still working on more flexible ways of parsing student math inputs, so that you can interpret inequalities, non-function relations, fractions, and other mathematical objects more flexibly.

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