Promoting Student-Student collaboration with Desmos Activity at the center point

In this remote context, my proficiency at balancing individual student struggle with support and feedback using Desmos Activities and CL is growing stronger. The clarity I can provide in an activity has motivated me to eschew other platforms (Pear Deck, Google Docs/Slides, etc) for my lesson delivery across the board (for Asynchronous and Synchronous instruction).

What lesson elements are you designing into your Desmos activities that promote, motivate and support student to student collaboration? I fear I am becoming a little myopic in my activity design. My lens is increasingly - “what supports (just in time, informed by my correctness checking) or feedback (possibly automatic) will this student need when they are working through this assignment independently (b/c they are at home and not in a consistent community)?” I want this to feel different when we have synchronous lessons, to build on the learning community. I value this sort of community, but I know I have to make purposeful lesson design moves to create, motivate, promote and support it. I can, of course shift back in the direction of modes that are built specifically for collaboration (Google in particular), but I am wondering -within the capabilities of Desmos - what folks might already be doing. In particular, I have made no use to date of the aggregate function…?

Highly value the thoughts of this forum. Thanks for any time you might be able to give to this.
Best - JCM