Q: Add 45degree / pi/4 labels to polar grid lines?

Quick question: I’d like to be able to show the polar coordinate grid lines with the multiples of 45 degrees / pi/4 radians labeled, in addition to the multiples of 30 / pi/6

There are settings for altering Cartesian coordinate grid and sub-grid labels, but I’m not seeing how to do this in the polar graph, either via the UI or via CL.

Any helps greatly appreciated!


You can always add a point with a label.

Added some list work in there too, in case you weren’t aware of some possibilities with labels:

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Thanks, that’s an excellent suggestion. I was too fixated on getting the labels to display via the underlying grid. I should have realised, and your reply showed me, that as long as the info gets shown onscreen, it really doesn’t matter how it gets there!

Thanks, also, for the list suggestion. I didn’t know that you could display a list of labels. Nice!