Q: Display fraction in dynamic label? Access output from square/square Desmos button?

Dear Desmos CL folks,

I would like to display a numerical value in a dynamic label, but in fraction form.

Desmos provides a nice way of displaying a decimal as fraction in its expression window, by clicking on the little square-over-a-square button. In theory it ought to be possible to access the output of that button and input it into a dynamic label. However, when I try to do that, the label still shows a decimal, regardless of whether the expression is displayed as a decimal or fraction.

Here’s a screenshot:
and here’s the Desmos graph that made it:

I could cook up an ad hoc way of displaying the label in fractional form, and I don’t mind doing that. It’s just that Desmos already has a nice solution in its square-over-a-square button, and I feel that there’s probably some way or other of piggy-backing on that.

Any help greatly appreciated,