Questions about Checking Answer

I want the students to answer the question when they hit the button “Check your answer” if they got it right I want it to say correct. If they got it wrong I want it to say Try again. How do I do this?

Here is my activity: Dividing Fractions Practice • Activity Builder by Desmos

There are a few things that we’d need to know. Do you expect the answer in a certain form? I assume a fraction, but will you accept improper? Mixed? Both? I also assume you mean you want note1 to be the “Correct” or “Try Again”.

So I want the fraction in the simplest form and improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Here’s one from another thread:

It didn’t word. I want the student to click the check answer button and for it to say if they are correct or not. The first questions answer is 1/18. Thats the only answer I will accept

Here, I edited slide 2. The input CL has the answer check. The note has conditions to display a message. (I also moved the note from under the sketch because it wasn’t apparent when it changed.)

Thank you so much! How would I do this with a mixed number problem?

So I just need help on slide 5

I did it! Thank you so much

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