Random inequalities

Hi! I’m trying to create an activity to generate randomly linear inequalities. Students will get immediate feedback about their answers. I tried two ways, but each of them has a drawback.
In silde 1, the feedback is not correct if a student writes an equivalent fraction (this happens because CL verifies the latex exact matching)
In slide 2, the feedback is correct only if a student writes the decimal number and this number has a finite number of decimals (this happens because I used numericValue).
How can I solve my problem? That is, can a student write the solution x>n/d as a simplified fraction?

(You didn’t share the link to your activity.)

You could use an or statement to check both ways. You could use rounding to force a finite number of decimals, or use an inequality to check student answers are within a certain range (again using an or statement).

I’m sorry… Here it is