Help with feedback on applications of a system of linear equalities

I am definitely a novice Desmos Activity builder so I can copy, paste, and edit other’s people activities, but I’m stuck on this one.

Can anyone help me give the correct feedback for student answers with the wrong inequality symbols on screen 15? Since the profit inequality is greater than or equal to for the correct answer instead of less than or equal to, I can’t figure out how to edit the CL to say Correct for using greater than or equal to inequality symbol.

On screen 16, I can’t get the possible shading regions to work since I changed the scales on the axes from a previous activity I made.

I replaced the code in screens 15 and 16 with templates I have, because it was kind of hard to interpret everything that was going on. I used my graphing inequality template which lets you click the line to change solid/dashed. [Copy of] Systems of Linear Inequalities • Activity Builder by Desmos

If you are interested, here are the templates: Solving and graphing inequalities templates • Activity Builder by Desmos The last screen has a linear programming template which you might find useful.

Here’s a set of optimization problems using that template: CYU 3-8: Linear Programming Practice • Activity Builder by Desmos