Random name generator creation?

Has anyone created or have a created random name generator wheel similar to this one for numbers?

I am having difficulty adding the names and having them appear.

It will be a lot of work. Line 27 is the list of points and the labels are from list L. To have names, you would have to name that list (add P= or whatever letter at the beginning of line 27). Then you’d need individual points for each element of that list (i.e. P_1=P[1], P_2=P[2], …). Since you can’t make a list of strings, you need to either set each label in the graph to the name you want, or in the CL (e.g. pointLabel(`P_1`): "Joey"). I’d opt for the latter because it would be easier to change if needed down the road.

Then additionally, you’d need to figure out how to get the blue selection. It has something to do with the variable, i, but I’m not sure how that would link to which name.