Randomly generated points on a graph

Another question on the topic of randomizing questions.

I tried my hand at this, but wasnt able to execute. I am trying to make a graph that randomly generates a linear sequence of points and plots it. Also, because the points are random, I was going to make the bounds of the graph alter to keep the points always shown.

Slide 6 shows my attempt at this. I thought I was on to something, but nothing happened.

I couldn’t quite tell what you were trying to do, but I fixed up your CL.

Big issue is that you need to use sinks to get numbers from the CL into the graph, but you also forgot to escape some of your variables that you were calculating with.

I added another slide with an alternative method. It has scaling disabled right now, but you can add it back in by removing the comments on the bounds sink in the CL

That is perfect! Thank you so much!

I will warn you that I clear stuff out regularly, so make your copies now before it disappears.