Randomizer and Shuffle Timed Link

I am using shuffle (the index of a list) to select elements from a list. To update the shuffle, I press the crossed arrow icon. My question: how do I get the shuffle to refresh with some timer? For example, if I want the screen to give students two new points every 10 seconds?
Thank you for any insight!

Here’s a way. FYI, sliders don’t run at real time without a little fenagling. 4 seconds to run the length of the slider at x1 speed. Desmos | Graphing Calculator

Thank you, Daniel! Using the timer as part of the seed opens up some possibilities.

Hi Matt! Fancy seeing you here :grinning:

Would love to see what you’re doing with this activity. Would you be willing to share?

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Hi Valerie,
All good, here, thank you.
Slope Trainer - random two points from nineHere is the graph without any automatic timer, have set that aside for now after playing with it for too long…so use the crossed arrows to update the shuffle.
Hope you are we’ll, too and maybe see you on a Peeps that Hike one of these days.