Timer over Multiple Slides

So I’m trying to give a timed quiz but I can’t seem to get the timer to work over multiple slides. My kids are graphing and giving the solution of a system so each question really does need to be it’s own slide. I was playing around with some of the cl from the timed assessments but can’t seem to make it work. Currently the time is set so low because I’ve been playing around trying to get it to work but it will be 30 minutes once I add the rest of the questions in. Any suggestions?

Hey there!

A few things about timers:

  1. sliders in graphs stop playing when you move to a different screen
  2. CL timers like timeSincePress or timeSinceSubmit will move to the end of the specified duration once the screen has been changed, This keeps students from navigating back to screens with animations in progress.

We also don’t have an activity spanning timer, though I’m sure some folks here have come up wit a few workarounds for timed quizzes.