Second Inequality not showing up on graph

In this slide of my activity, I want both inequalities to display the math input inequality on the graph

For the second input, the shaded region always shows up, but ONLY the right boundary line shows up.

It seems to have issues when x > value.

Any help would be appreciated!

You’re using some older methods. You can paste this graph link into your graph and use the CL code below. The (recently added) inequality functions can be found under “inequality” in “Types” in the documentation.

This graph


number(`S_{trict1}`): when ineq1.isStrict 1 otherwise 0
function(`g`): ineq1.differenceFunction("x","y")

number(`S_{trict2}`): when ineq2.isStrict 1 otherwise 0
function(`h`): ineq2.differenceFunction("x","y")

Thank you!

In the number sinks, are we not required to use quotes anymore? Can we just designate a latex string?

Quotes or backticks. Both work.