Graphing System of Inequalities from student input

I’m in need of some help on slide 7 of this activity.
When the kids type in the 2nd inequality x+5y≥2000, it graphs a dashed line instead of solid. I’ve tried to add a similar code to the CL as what the math1 input has, but when I add this:

number(s_{trict}): when parseInequality(math2.latex).isStrict 1 otherwise 0

It gives me a duplicate definition error. This is a newer skill for me, so I’m not quite sure what the s_{trict} is doing, but I have a feeling that something needs a different name there?

Any help would be much appreciated!

If you used the exact same code for your second number s_trict, there’s the conflict. You just need a unique name for the number (e.g. s_trictg)

That fixed it! Thank you so much!