Self Check 6+3sqrt2?

Hello - I have a table where students are solving equations with irrational solutions. I can’t seem to get the check to work when the solutions are 6+3sqrt2 and 6-3sqrt2. In the CL it is check 7 and check 8 with the image appearing in cell (4,4)


Matching latex never really turns out well. I took a totally different route.

Thanks Daniel - Some of your syntax is new to me so I’ll have to dig in. I have been learning by cherry picking off or other people.
I agree that moving the disableevaluation to the end is good. I thought that there must be a more efficient way to do that but don’t know if Desmos does loops…yet.

Thanks again - I really appreciate it - it looks like you re-wrote the whole thing! I am excited to get in there and figure it out.


No loops unfortunately. I tried to leave comments for most things. Let me know if you have questions on specifics.