Self Check slope intercept

I would like to have students be able see if the equation y=3/4x+3 is correct. Any advice on coding and where to place it would be greatly appreciated!

This is actually a fairly easy task because of the xyLine function that makes it super easy to parse and extract values from linear functions.

Here is an example for how it could look: equation of a line • Activity Builder by Desmos

I’ve been making a bunch of linear function stuff recently since I’ve been reviewing with my students. Here are some other activities you may find useful. If you are learning how to work with CL, feel free to ask questions about them.

Find the equation of a line parallel or perpendicular to a given line (GRAPHICALLY)

Equation of a Line Practice (2 points, parallel, perpendicular) - Repeated Practice

Same as above but with specific problems instead of random repeated

Linear equation practice template: finding slope, equation, and axes-intercepts

Figured it was that easy but just didn’t have the brain power needed :joy: Thank you so much!

Oh, yeah, I only meant it’s easy because of the existence of xyLine which people don’t always know about.