Self-checking graphing system of linear inequalities

I am trying to create an activity for graphing a system of 2 linear inequalities where my students get feedback on multiple parts such as: is the slope correct, is the y-intercept correct, is the shaded region correct.

I tried to merge two activities together and I have been unsuccessful at getting the feedback to work for each part. I’m sure I just have something labeled incorrectly.

[Graphing Systems of Inequalities Assignment #1 • Activity Builder by Desmos]

Can someone get the feedback on screen 2 to work properly? Screen 1 is one of the examples I trying to merge with more feedback.

I hope this is what you were looking for. If so, your error was in the graph, you were comparing the check value with for example m_1 when it should have been compared to m_{1answer}.

As an aside, I would recommend changing the colors of the activity from red and green to be accessible to students who are red-green colorblind.