"Setting" a function in graph component from cl

Hi! I’m pretty new to these discussions but was having some trouble finding what I was looking for in other posts…

I was wondering if there is a way to “set” an expression or function for a graph component from another input, such as a student’s table input? Rather than plot the output for the domain of all real numbers using the typical code of

function(“f”): simpleFunction(equationInput.latex, “x”)

I am instead trying to “set” the expression of a function within my graph component (similar to how the “number” sink sets the value of a variable rather than plotting the number as an output for a domain of all real values) so that the other expressions/arrays in my graph component can individually plot the output for the domain of several discrete values. Is there a way to do this?

Here’s my activity builder. Thanks!

Yes, you can. I made a new example because there was a lot going on in yours. There are some things you can simplify, like applying a function to an entire list. Also, if I understand correctly, on issue is that you want it to not draw the graph of say f1(x) = x - 2. The trick is to type f1(x)= some number, like f1(x) = 5 so you see the graph. Then, turn off the graph by clicking the dot. Then, you can delete the number. Basically, when it’s undefined, you can’t adjust the settings. So you have to make it defined, adjust your settings, then delete what you didn’t need.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. translate example • Activity Builder by Desmos

Yes, thank you! This was so helpful!